Fuck Fear

I’m not one for resolutions. Hell, I’m not even one for writing down the things I need from the supermarket. This year, I thought it would be neat if I tried something different and make one of those vision lists/boards that all the vibe-y people do on Instagram.

Lose Weight

Get Drivers License

Write 4 times per week for 30 min/day

Work out 3 times/week


By the end, I had about 40 things on there. I started to sweat and stared blankly at my phone like Beyoncé did on the B’Day cover.

When I first turned 30, I realized that my life was truly beginning and I didn’t need to worry about rushing to finish all of these goals and action items society (read: the fucking internet) tells us to complete before it. And in this moment, sitting on the couch, I realized that this still rings true after 30.

I deleted everything from my list and came up with two words.

Fuck Fear


I think it’s important to realize, for me, that all the things I procrastinate and make excuses for are rooted in fear from trauma. Personal trauma and societal trauma will have you out here looking crazy if you let it.


And so I say fuck fear and a great 2018.





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