About Me

Hey, what’s up, hello!


Hi! I’m Xavier D’Leau, but you can call me X.D. A couple of years ago, I started BlackGay30.com to journal all of my thoughts and musings about my journey to 30. Once I turned 30, I stopped because I felt, for some reason, like I didn’t need to do this anymore.

But then, something happened.

I have a couple of friends and e-buddies that have shared that there’s no space or guide or work that talks about being Black, Gay, and 30+. As someone who wish I had my personal Jiminy Cricket and as someone who has some much more growing to do, I figured I’d re-open.


So, cheers to your journey to 30 and my journey through 30.




P.S. You’ll notice that this is a really basic design. I don’t want the aesthetic to overpower the work.


You can find more about me over at XavierDLeau.com

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